Tuesday, July 25, 2006

8. Our Conclusions & Reflections

Our group came up with our individual conclusions and reflections. Read on!

Blogs have promoted another avenue for "freedom of speech", as many begin to speak what they have in mind of almost anything under the sun.
Probably one issue of blogging is the inability of bloggers to differentiate between private and public blogging. Typing a key word on any of the Search Engines (e.g. Google) returns results of many websites, which includes blogging sites. In fact, anyone can access to your blog by just one click away.
Three people had been convicted under the Sedition Act in Singapore last year, because of the lack of awareness of the legal issues of blogging.
I believe that even though now the legal concerns have been brought up, bloggers should also learn to blog ethically, not just legally.
The community of bloggers ought to share one common belief and practice - to blog legally and ethically.

Every IT savvy person should know that a blog, at least, is like an online diary. And it was only when I started working on this project before learning that a blog is more than just a diary. It is amazing how corporate companies are using blogs as a knowledge management system to share information.
It is another avenue to express one's thoughts and share knowledge. This is where the issue of ethics come into place. Often the thin fine line that separates right from wrong is not clearly defined in the cyber world. We only learnt more about the "rules and regulations" when people are prosecuted for their remarks and comments.

Personally, I believe the grey area in blogosphere would always exist.

As technology advances, it makes life easier for everyone. However, there are legal and ethical issues in making full advantage of the technology. The legal aspect is clear and straight forward, but there is this grey and blurred area of ethical issues that create discussion and disagreement.
In this project, we looked at the ethical issues of blogging, with deep understanding and research.
The ethical issues are often controversial as it is difficult for us to interpret what is right, and what is wrong.
Thus in doing this project, we have a deeper understanding – the line that separates the legal border and ethics border are often thin. We might not be breaking the law, but at the same time we might be crossing the border of ethical issues which makes us no different from people who cross the legal line.

The establishment of well-structured blogging spaces has spurred countless bloggers in this striving creation. However, no particularly strong code of practice, rules and regulations are in place to curb and restrict the harmful effects of Weblogs. It is a trade off, a package for certain benefits as well as hazards.
As with all things, it would take time before mature legal and ethical Weblog rules are being set up. The definition of ethics and morale reminds a controversial issue in a dynamic reality.

Education plays an important role in forming the future. Through education, government hopes to achieve the ability to think among individuals. Ethics are therefore formed when humans see the common good.

Well, lessons aside.
Overall, we find ITLG an interesting module, where we learnt things in a different way, such as using blogs for our research (rather than a report), podcast (which is our first time doing that in our poly life), and exhibiting our project at the library (with much creativity put in).
We think that using blog as a means to present our findings is a good resource, because we are "glued" to the Internet most of the time, and we can just link something on our blog if we find an interesting article (of course citing necessary references), by just a click away.
As the first batch of students doing ITLG, we hope that we will thus provide a "framework" of what ITLG really is all about, and that the future students of this module will walk the same path, however, with better and greater achievements.
One of the most enriching modules ever! =)


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