Friday, July 28, 2006


We have posted all our entries in different weeks, and hence, our blog is structured in a way whereby the most recent entry come before the earlier entries.

Contents of Our ITLG Blog:
1. Introduction to Weblogs
2. Chronology of Events / Development of Weblogs
3. Blogging Code of Ethics (Singapore)4. Weblog Ethics Survey Results
5. Blogging in Singapore (News and Cases)
6. Singapore - Sedition Act (Chapter 290)
7. Resolving the Legal Implications of Blogging
8. Our Conclusions & Reflections
9. Podcast on Blogs

Word Count:
2,930 words
excluding title, time and date displays, and this entry.

We thank all who have put in effort in making this project a success, and especially our lecturer and tutor, Mr. Steven Lim, who made no painless efforts in reminding us of the project due date every week, and for his guidance.

Thank you, all!


Blogger *The Lunatic Fringe* said...

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4:49 PM  
Blogger *The Lunatic Fringe* said...

Hi, Elisha, Leslie, Kelvin, Alan

Good effort! The information that you have conveyed is clearly presented. The blogging and weblog phenomena exploded because of user friendly free tools such as blogger came on board.

Back in 1996, when Cyberway was the third internet service provider (after SingNet and Pacific Internet), I had set up my own homepage. Personal homepages were the pre-cursor to blogs as it required users to understand HTML coding or use a HTML editor as well as how to FTP files/images into the personal homepage. Blogging technology makes such knowledge useful but not critical to be able to get a blog up and running.

Weblogs or blogs are a medium of expression. The question we should ask is, why are people putting things up to be seen by everyone else and what are the underlying social factors that make people want to do this?

Glad to see that this project was interesting and all the best for your studies!

Mr. Yoong Ee Chuan
ISACA Singapore Chapter

4:53 PM  
Blogger legalvulture said...

Hi, People
This is a fantastic blog on blogging! Your research is comprehensive and relevant with all sources hyperlinked. The male and female versions of the podcasts is kinda cute but leslie and elisha sounded a little too serious :) A great resource on the blogging scene in Singapore. Well done, all of you.
Mr S Lim

11:50 PM  

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